Curriculum Vitae



Khurshid Ahmad

Senior Scientist
Phone: 92-91-2964060-62   Ext. 300
Fax: 92-91-2964059
Mob: 92-315-5440068


M.Phil (Chemistry), Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan

  • Quality analysis of oilseed brassica
  • Spectroscopy and Electrochemistry of biologically important organic compounds.
  • Synthesis and characterization of surfactants.

    • Ahmed, H. M. and K. Ahmad (2022). Development of a new oilseed rape variety NIFA Sarson-T-20 through physical mutagenesis. Pak. J. Agri., Agri. Engg., Vet. Sci., 2022, 38 (1): 24-30.
    • Subhan, H., Ahmad, K., Lashin, A., Rana, U.A., Abbasi, R., Hussain, H., Mahmood, A., Qureshi, R., Kraatz, H.B. and Shah, A., 2016. pH and Temperature Responsive Electrooxidation and Antioxidant Activity of Indole-3-Carbaldehyde. Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 163(8): H690-H696.
    • Subhan, H., Lashin, A., Rana, U.A., Al-Arifi, N., Ahmad, K., Hussain, H., Qureshi, R., Ali, S., Zia, M.A., Kraatz, H.B. and Shah, A., 2015. pH and temperature responsive redox behavior of biologically important aniline derivatives. RSC Advances, 5(79): 64617-64625.
    • Shah, A., Adhikari, B., Martic, S., Munir, A., Shahzad, S., Ahmad, K. and Kraatz, H.B., 2015. Electron transfer in peptides. Chemical Society Reviews, 44(4): 1015-1027.
    • Ullah, I., Ahmad, K., Shah, A., Badshah, A., Rana, U.A., Shakir, I. and Khan, S.Z., 2014. Synthesis, characterization and effect of a solvent mixture on the CMC of a thio-based novel cationic surfactant using a UV–visible spectroscopic technique. Journal of Surfactants and Detergents, 17(3):501-507.
    • Shahzad, S., Shah, A., Sirajuddin, M., Adhikari, B., Ahmad, K., Rana, U.A., Ali, S., Khan, G.S., Qureshi, R. and Kraatz, H.B., 2014. Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization, pH dependent redox mechanism and DNA binding behavior of chlorohydroxyaniline derivatives. RSC Advances, 4(43): 22299-22307.
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