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The soils in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are deficient in organic matter and hence low in fertility/ productivity. Use of chemical fertilizers to improve yield and net returns to farmers has introduced problems of environmental pollution and land degradation. The current era emphasizing sustainability does not permit excessive chemical input and focuses on conservation of land & environment. As an alternative to these chemical fertilizers, increase in soil organic matter through biological sources and agro-wastes is imperative. The main aim of Soil Biology & Biochemistry Group is to improve biological, physical and chemical properties of the soil by conducting research on the development of quality organic fertilizer products (compost and compost tea) from agro-wastes and its use as a slow release organic fertilizing material for horticultural and nursery plants. Efforts are also in progress on the value addition of compost & compost tea to improve their nutritive value. Group has also developed cheap and environment friendly technology of NIFA Bio-geyser for the rural and poor masses of the country especially where electricity and gas availability is scanty.

Research Objectives        

  • To develop and enrich organic fertilizer products (compost and compost tea) for vegetables and nursery growers
  • To devise eco-friendly packages for plant nutrition without compromising soil productivity and sustainability
Group Composition    
  1. Dr. Amir Raza, Pr. Scientist/ Group Leader
  2. Mr. Zahid Ali, Pr. Scientist
  3. Mr. Shahzada Asif Ali, Jr. Scientist
Salient Achievements  

Developed following products/ technologies for the farming community of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa:

  1. Agro-waste Bio-Geyser
  2. Compost
  3. Compost Tea

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