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work done so far
Group Composition
Current Research Programme of the Group
  • Popularization of mushroom (oyster milky and button) as cottage industry and cultivation of Ganoderma/Reishi medicinal mushroom on low cost substrate
  • Bio-pesticide formulation and application in wheat
  • Development of probiotic foods and bio-preserved food
  • Strengthening of NIFA Food Testing Laboratory for provision of  analytical services to NIFA


Work done so far  
  • Optimized mushroom (Oyster, Button and Milky) cultivation technology at NIFA.
  • Optimized mushroom spawn (Oyster, Button and Milky) production technology at NIFA.
  • Popularized mushroom cultivation technology in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), upper Punjab and Baluchistan.
  • Ganoderma medicinal mushroom was successfully cultivated on low cost substrate at NIFA.
  • NIFA Ganoderma mushroom was phytochemically analyzed for biologically active constituents and confirmed/quantified Triterpenoids, polyphenols, minerals and vitamins.
  • Three lactic acid bacterial strains (NIFA-1, NIFA-2 and NIFA-3) were identified for the production of bio-preservatives
  • Bacteriocin obtained from selected strains was proven as strong inhibitor of food pathogens. The purified bacteriocin was freeze dried and used as bio-preservative on selected fruits which has extended their shelf life.
  • These Selected strains were further characterized for probiotic potential shown good features for probiotics NIFA-N2 was applied probiotic culture for the development of probiotic yoghurt. Similarly, NIFA-N1 was applied as culture for lactic cheese development

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