Curriculum Vitae



Mr.Shahid Akbar Khalil

Principal Scientist
Phone: +92 91 2964060-62
Fax:     +92 91 2964059



M.Sc (Hons)

  • Peach and Plum Improvement
  • Chairman PAEC awarded Gold Medal & Merit Certificate on PAEC DAY 2018 for outstanding contribution towards the programme of the commission.
  1. S. A. Khalil, R. Zamir and N. Ahmad. 2014. Selection of suitable propagation method for consistent plantlets production in Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni). Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences. 21: 566-573.
  2. S. A. Khalil, R. Zamir and N. Ahmad. 2014. Effect of Different Propagation Techniques and Gamma Irradiation on Major Steviol Glycoside’s Content in Stevia rebaudiana. The Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences.24 (6): 1743-1751.
  3. S. A. Khalil, N. Ahmad and R. Zamir. 2015. Gamma radiation induced variation in growth characteristics and production of bioactive compounds during callogenesis in Stevia rebaudiana (Bert.). New Negatives in Plant Science. 1(2):1-5.
  4. S. A. Khalil, N. Kamal, S. Muhammad, N. Ahmad, R. Zamir, N. Ahmad and S. Ali. 2016. Synergism of polyamines and plant growth regulators enhanced morphogenesis, stevioside content and production of commercially important natural antioxidants in Stevia rebaudiana Bert. In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology -Plant. 52(2): 174-184.
  5. R. Zamir,  A. Rab, G.S.S. Khattak,S. A. Khaliland S. T. Shah. 2017. Effect of different auxins on rooting of semi hard and soft wood cuttings of guava (Psidium guajava L.) cv. Safeda. The Nucleus 54(1): 1-6.
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