soil science division

Research Group : Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Group composition    
    1. Dr. Amir Raza, PS
    2. Mr. Zahid Ali, SS
Research Objectives            
  • To develop a slow release environment friendly organic fertilizer for sustainable soil fertility.
  • Screening of wheat germplasm based on root traits for yield and water use.

Research Group : PLANT NUTRITION


Group composition  
  1. Dr. Muhammad Imtiaz, DCS
  2. Mr. Mukhtiar Ali, PS
  3. Dr. S. Azam Shah, PS
  4. Mr. Parvez Khan, PS
Research Objectives  
  • To improve fertilizer and water use efficiency of various field and horticultural crops under irrigated and non-irrigated conditions.
  • To determine the fertilizer and water requirements of advanced lines of crops evolved at NIFA and screening of wheat genotypes for drought and nutrients stress.
  • Integrated nutrients management of organic and inorganic sources for balanced nutrition in field and horticultural crops


nuclear institute for food and agriculture peshawar, pakistan