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The intensive cultivation, injudicious use of irrigation water, imbalance nutrients application and urbanization of well cultivated soils in the last few decades have led to depletion of natural resources. The conservation and optimum/efficient utilization of available natural resources (soil, water and nutrients) is essential for sustainable agriculture and increasing crop productivity on long term basis. The mission of Plant Nutrition Group is to work out ways and means for efficient utilization of scarce and depleting natural resources like soil, water and nutrients. The scientists of the Plant Nutrition Group are in endeavor to devise strategies to enhance the use efficiency of these costly inputs for various field and horticultural crops under irrigated and rainfed agriculture. The techniques of integrated nutrients management system (IPNS), fertigation, integrated nutrient management and foliar feeding were the outcome of these successful attempts. Selection of genotypes with higher yield potential on low fertility soil of different crops is another task of this group to benefit farmers and the crop breeders. Nutritional requirements of upcoming NIFA varieties and screening of zinc efficient wheat genotypes is another research target of Plant Nutrition Group.

Research Objectives        

  • To develop integrated nutrients and water management package for various field and horticultural crops
  • To evaluate and give recommendations of nutritional /irrigation requirements for upcoming varieties of different crops evolved at NIFA
  • To evaluate wheat genotypes for nutrients stresses
Group Composition    
  1. Dr. Muhammad Imtiaz, Dy. Chief Scientist/ Group Leader
  2. Mr. Mukhtiar Ali, Pr. Scientist
  3. Dr. Syed Azam Shah, Pr. Scientist
  4. Mr. Parvez Khan, Pr. Scientist
Salient Achievements  
Developed following products/ technologies for the farming community of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa:
  1. Zinc Biofortification in Wheat
  2. Tunnel/ Vertical Farming
  3. Nutrient Management of Plum Fruit Orchards

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