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ORIC Team Visit to Sugar Crops Research Institute (SCRI) Mardan

on 27-10-2021

The director SCRI along with his senior research officers welcomed the NIFA Scientists. He explained the mandate objectives of SCRI which includes research and development activities on sugarcane and sugar beet, more specifically, the development of high yielding, disease resistance, high quality varieties of sugarcane and sugar beet.
The role of ORIC and products development of NIFA were shared with SCRI scientists. The Director SCRI has highly appreciated the services of PACE in general and particularly of NIFA for provision of valuable services and products to poor farmers of KP province.

The NIFA team visited the different sections of the institute and were briefed by the concerned scientists about the activities being carried out at their labs (Bio Control Lab, Sugar Testing Lab, Food Technology Lab). 

(A brief report can be downloaded)

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