IT Cell  


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Faiz-ud-Din, DCE/Incharge(IT Cell)
Dr. Muhammad Amin,SS / IT Coordinator

Raufullah Khattak, Sr.Librarian
Abid Munir, Sr.Tech
Muhammad Ahsan Taqveem, Comp.Tech

Sultan Muhammad, JCO
Asghar Ali, Jr. Asstt.-II

Shahid Zeb, G.Attd


What do we do ?


itc Electronic circulations as a source of intra-institution communication
itc On line access of literature database to every scientists
itc Maintenance of LAN at NIFA
itc Library services including electronic search for all the available printed material
itc Development and maintenance of NIFA web
itc Development of relevant databases
itc Provision of internet access to all the scientist /relevant technical staff
itc Preparation of audiovisual material
itc Help with OS problems and software installations





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