Curriculum Vitae



Dr. Babar Manzoor Atta

Principal Scientist
Phone: 92-91-2964060, Ext: 236





Ph.D (Plant Breeding & Genetics, University of Sydney, Australia)



  • Wheat Improvement for higher yield, disease resistance and quality through conventional and non-conventional breeding techniques
  • INFAQ fellowship for M.Sc studies during 1994-1996
  • First position in M.Sc. (Hons), 1996 in PBG Department at UAF.
  • Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (EIPRS) and International Postgraduate Award (IPA) by the University of Sydney, Australia for PhD studies.
  • PCST Research Productivity Award, 2010-11 by Ministry of Science and Technology, Islamabad.
  1. B.M. Atta, S. Shokat and K. Saleem. 2015. Genetic variation in exotic durum wheat accessions. Annual Wheat Newsletter, 61: 41.
  2. B.M. Atta, S. Shokat and K. Saleem. 2015. Improvement of wheat for drought tolerance. Annual Wheat Newsletter, 61: 42-43.
  3. K. Saleem, Hafiz M.I. Arshad, S. Shokat and B.M. Atta. 2015. Appraisal of wheat germplasm for adult plant resistance against stripe rust. Journal of Plant Protection Research, 55 (4): 405-414. (Poland)
  4. M.A. Maqbool, M. Aslam, H. Ali, T.M. Shah and B.M. Atta. 2015. GGE biplot analysis based selection of superior chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) inbred lines under variable water environments. Pakistan Journal of Botany, 47(5): 1901-1908.
  5. T.M. Shah, M. Imran, B.M. Atta, M. Shafiq, M. Aslam and K. Hussain. 2015. Screening of chickpea advanced lines for sources of resistance against blight and wilt - two major diseases of chickpea. Pakistan Journal of Botany, 47(6): 2443-2448.
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