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Introduction Group composition
Research program work done so far
Group Composition  
Current Research Programme  
  • Studies on working out the most efficient and economically feasible spawn and compost for oyster cultivation.
  • Low Phytate Wheat, Nutritional and Biochemical Attributes.
  • Better utilization of food for healthy and productive life in agriculture sector.
  • Fortification and physicochemical evaluation of canola and suflower oil wih sea buckthorn oil.
  • Dietary approaches for combating iron and vitamin A deficiencies.
  • Effect of irradiation, Cooking and Packaging on quality and Stability of carotenoids rich foods


Work done so far  
R & D on iron fortification  

On the basis of R & D conducted, NIFA, launching of Iron Fortification at national level is in progress, which is a credit to NIFA/PAEC. Details....

astringency Removal from   persimmon  

A process on the principle of modified atmosphere was developed to remove the undesirable astringency from persimmon fruit which hampers its export in Southeast Asian market where the consumers want ripe, hard and non-astringent fruit. This technique has the potential to increase the export of this nutritious fruit.

Utilization of dried citrus peel  

Addition of dried citrus peel in the diet as minor ingredient in the diet of poultry birds resulted in significant reduction in cholesterol level of eggs/blood. This achievement has a practical significance in view of increased cardiac problem in Pakistani population.


Radiation decontamination of poultry feed


A project on decontamination of poultry feed using the gamma radiation was completed, substantiating the effectiveness of this physical process cost effectively which also excludes the use of harmful chemical antibiotics. The practical application of the process will lead to reduction of cost of poultry production on one hand and economic loss incurred due to mortality and morbidity in poultry flock on the other. Details.....






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