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Research program work done so far
Group Composition
Current Research Programme
  • Optimization of preservation methodology for dates using irradiation technology
  • Use of Irradiation Technology at commercial Scale to reduce food losses and to be applied as Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures in Pakistan
  • Standardization of irradiation doses and packaging materials for market stable meals ready to eat under ambient and refrigerated temperatures
  • Research & Development Work on Herbal Materials
  • Microbiological evaluation of prepared meals during storage under ambient and refrigerated condition
  • Development and validation of technologies for the management of pesticide residues in food and environmental matrices


Work done so far



R & D on Food Irradiation


Extensive research work on food irradiation has been conducted at NIFA for the past several years. These studies are spread over diversified approaches involving laboratory, pilot and commercial scale experiments. Data obtained from pilot/commercial scale studies revealed that irradiation is one of the most successful technologies for long and safe storage of food materials. PAEC is in the process of establishing Food Irradiation Facilities in Pakistan.






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