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Chickpea and mungbean are the major Rabi and Kharif pulse crops, respectively of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) with major areas lying in districts of Karak, Lakki Marwat, Tank and D.I.Khan. In these areas, the crops are grown on marginal lands with low fertility and negligible external inputs with exception in case of D.I.Khan where chickpea is grown on high-moisture soils after rice harvest. Un-availability of improved varieties with potential to adapt to the existing environment contributes to the overall poor productivity of these crops. Additionally, the unpredictable environmental conditions of these areas further aggravate the situation and making it harder for the growers to invest in these crops. These factors ultimately lead to the poor overall productivity of chickpea and mungbean in the province and put them at risk. In order to enhance grain yield as well as potential of chickpea and mungbean to withstand the existing environmental conditions, the pulses group of NIFA is continuously striving for developing/evolving high-yielding and environment-smart varieties of these crops.

  Group Composition  

Dr. Gul Sanat Shah, Deputy Chief Scientist (Group Leader and Head of the Division)
Dr. Iqbal Saeed, Senior Scientist 
Mr. Salman Ahmad, Senior Scientist                   

  research oBJECTIVES  
  • Breeding chickpea and mungbean varieties for high grain yield with large seed size and more number of pods through induced mutation and hybridization
  • Breeding high yielding black seeded mungbean genotypes for Kuram and adjacent areas
  • Improvement in physiological base to withstand extreme environments i.e heat/drought
  Developed and evolved the following improved varieties of chickpea and mungbean for general cultivation in the respective crop’s growing areas of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP);

1. NIFA-88 (Desi type)
2. NIFA-95 (Desi type)
3. Hassan-2K (Kabuli type)
4. NIFA-2005 (Desi type)


1. Ramzan
2. NIFA Mung - 2017
3. NIFA Mung-2019


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