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NIFA, one of the four agricultural research institutes of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC), was established in 1982. The institute works for the enhancement of crop production and protection, soil fertility, water management and conservation and value addition of food resources, employing nuclear and other contemporary techniques.

we are committed to help ensure sufficient, nutritious and environment friendly food production in the country.With our dedication to excellence and continuous improvement in our processes and system, we strive to meet rather exceed the expectations of end-users. We shall accomplish this through human resource development and the use of nuclear and other contemporary advanced research techniques that are commensurate with our resources.
Plant Breeding and Genetics
division of NIFA has released a total of 21 varieties including wheat, oil seed brassica, chickpea and mungbean. These varieties are very popular amongst the farmers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
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NIFA is serving as the main reference lab for fortifying wheat flour with iron.
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Consultancy services are avaialbe at our Entomology division for termite control in buildings as well crops.  Click Here for more Details.

NIFA offers oil quality analysis through the use of NIRS. Click Here for more Details.

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